Know Your Self from the Food you eat!

Why it’s not easy to keep your self happy by the food we eat? We always start to struggle when it comes to the diets and all kind of forms of food reduction in our daily life. Haven’t we thought that this all comes from the image our society have given us over the years of commercials and another forms of influence on us ? But at some point they are right. People need to make them self healthy and food is one of most important things you have to take control over. Myself, I had some overweight as a child and was very afraid this will maintain in future. I start to make sports a lot, but still I ate all kind of food my mind wanted. Funny yes? How our brain understand that something is bad but still wants it so bad! Isn’t it addiction? I think it┬ádefinitely is. Already later in mid 20’s I understood that and just declined all fast food and coca cola like products in my life and it helped! Also I started to look from up to down to people who still ate it. Nothing actually changed in my life since then and only became better! If you read this article, please don’t hesitate and just focus on another food. Don’t decline all bad food, but just start with something! I wish you a good luck :)